Acequia Education & Outreach Office

The Acequia Education and Outreach Office serves as a hub for the preservation, protection, and honoring of acequias across the entire Middle Rio Grande region. CESOSS, in partnership with the South Valley Regional Association of Acequias (SVRAA), with the support of other local governmental and non-for-profit organizations, is responsible for overseeing and running the Acequia Education and Outreach Office. This office will continue to advocate for the protection and preservation of water resources in the Middle Rio Grande region, under the idea that we have One Water. 


The Acequia Education and Outreach Office ensures the long-term protection and preservation of acequia history and agricultural traditions in three major ways - by providing education and services to the larger public, conducting and contributing to acequia-focused research, and by helping in the physical preservation of acequia history and traditions (e.g. online archival system, physical storage of maps, pictures, documents, etc.).  


From topics of Restorative Justice to Agricultural Surveying Methods, our Oro del Pueblo lecture series is designed to appreciate and distribute community knowledge.


Acequia focused research about our community, from our community.


Learn more about the historical and cultural traditions of acequias in the South Valley.