Cohort Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Alicia Chavez

The Impact of Acequia Traditions and Philosophy on Community Development

Alicia is a Chicana from Pecos, New Mexico. She values love, relations, passion, and happiness, which is the motivation in her community building work. She currently organizes with young women of color for the knowledge, resources, and tools to make the changes they want to see in their communities. Her life’s work has been dedicated to educating and empowering marginalized youth to find their own definition of success. Alicia is currently in pursuit of her Masters in Community and Regional Planning at the University of New Mexico.

Jennie Greb

Defending Water in New Mexico

Jennie is a second year Master's in Latin American Studies student at University of New Mexico, with an emphasis on Community and Regional Planning. Currently, she works as a Research Assistant with CRP to evaluate efforts to address food insecurity in the South Valley. From life in Albuquerque, Jennie has come to appreciate the unique traditions, nature, and community life of this region. Her main research plans involve targeting resource exploitation and development projects, such as Santolina, that benefit from an erasure of this history and culture. Above all, Jennie believes the knowledge from this region, a social justice emphasis and familiarity with legislative processes will be effective tools to combat current and future issues of resource exploitation.

Katterine Valencia

Undocumented Education: The True Story

Katterine is an immigrant from Michoacan, Mexico. She is a recent graduate from Albuquerque High School.  Katterine now attends the University of New Mexico and is studying architecture and Spanish. This semester she will be focusing her action plan on education regarding undocumented students and creating aide for these students in regards of their rights and funding their education.

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During her participation in the Leadership Institute, Alicia focused her energy on better understanding the impact of acequia traditions and philosophy on community development.

Alicia's Final Presentation
Alicia's stunning visual of Acequia Traditions and Philosophy

During her participation in the Leadership Institute, Jennie focused on issues related to the defense and protection of water resources in New Mexico.  She designed a website that focused on this issue with the ultimate goal of connecting communities across the nation and globe around the protection of water.

Jennie's Final Presentation

During her participation in the Leadership Institute, Katterine focused on better understanding the experiences of undocumented students attending the University of New Mexico. Through a 

short video, Katterine provided a first-hand account of the challenges students face as a result of their undocumented status.

Katterine's Final Presentation