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Jessi Allen

During her participation in the Leadership Institute, Jessi was studying Community Health through the Health Education Department at UNM. Her special interest is learning from and with low-income and at-risk communities  of color. She gives weekly motivational speeches at Joy Junction (Largest Homeless shelter in Albuquerque). She worked as a Lifestyle Coach, empowering individuals in discovering their unlimited potential through health and wellness.  She loves mentoring teens on the power of well-being and the impact of choices. She believes educating communities on Health disparities that directly affect them will encourage sister communities to become the massive force of unity New Mexico has been waiting for.

Kate Ayala

Kate graduated from UNM in the spring of 2015 with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Planning and Design and minors in Sustainability Studies and Political Science.  Kate has interests in agriculture and water issues both in Albuquerque and Statewide, and would eventually like to be involved in the building and maintaining of  sustainable local food economies for New Mexican communities.  Kate plans on attending The Anderson School of Management for her Master’s Degree with a focus in policy and planning.

Sara Beltran

Sara Marcela Beltrán Caro is originally from Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico. During the time of Institute she was pursuing a bachelors degree in Family Studies and Psychology. Sara feels strongly that healthy family connections start by instilling respect for our "Tierra" and children by the example that we set for them.  She believes that women and youth empowerment are the best way to start healing the broken connection in many places around the world. Sara's nephews and nieces keep her fighting towards leaving them a better world.

Briani Judice

During the time of the Institute Briani was a junior at University of New Mexico studying Health Education.  Briani is originally from Houston, TX but has been living in Albuquerque for over ten years. What she loves the most about New Mexico is all the amazing outdoor activities and the history of the state and the people itself. The reason she wanted to participate in CESOSS Leadership Institute was because she wanted to become more involved and learn what it takes to make an impact on our community. In addition, Briani wants to challenge herself by going out of her comfort zone because she believes growth happens when you are put in situations that teach you how to adapt.

Divana Olivas

During the Institute Divana was a senior in the Chicana/o Studies program at the University of Mexico. She is the daughter of two Mexican immigrants who continue to influence the way she views the world, especially her passion for local justice. Currently, her work focuses on the importance of community gardens as sites of local food sovereignty- and what that means in a state that experiences hunger.

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