Meet our Current Cohort - Fall 2017/Spring 2018

We can't believe we're on our 5th CESOSS Leadership Institute Cohort!  

This year we are honored to work with James Vincent Gleason, Alexandria Lyons, Stefany Olivas, Alfredo Quiroz, Laramie Sorensen, and Katterine Valencia.

The Cohort is already working on focusing on an issue that they will be developing over the remainder of the semester. Here's a snapshot of their projects so far - Alexandria will be working on a podcast focused on the importance of acequias; James will be creating a digital acequia mapping/archiving website project; Alfredo will be creating an art piece that embodies the importance and sacredness of water; Laramie is focused on working to redefine what watersheds mean and represent; Katterine will be focusing on a project intended to educate people on where our water comes from in the state of New Mexico; and Stefany will be looking at a local school garden as a form of resistance and means to disrupt the military-industrial complex.


We are honored to work with such a strong cohort and will keep you posted!