Please support local nonprofits!

Here are some ways that you can support local nonprofits:

  • Volunteer. Make this the year that you will give the gift of time. Set a goal to volunteer at least a couple hours a month in helping nonprofits - either at events or by offering special skills you may have.  For example, here at CESOSS we're always looking for help with grant writing, member outreach, people to help with our programs, etc.

  • Consider Becoming a Board Member. Are you ready to take your commitment to nonprofits to the next level? Then you might consider becoming a board member.  Make sure that you choose an organization that reflects your own philosophy and that is aligned with what is important to you.  Being part of a nonprofit board is a serious commitment, but a rewarding one as well. CESOSS will be expanding opportunities for new board members this year.

  • Every cent counts. And that is said with complete honesty.  One of the greatest contributions you can make to a local nonprofit is to set up recurring donations, no matter what the amount.  We've all heard this before but if all of our supporters donated just $5 every month, we would raise at least $2,500 per month!  That amount would help us secure a part-time employee, an office space, ensure the continuation of our programs, and more.  Check out the page we've set up on Razoo if you are interested in making a recurring or one time donation.

  • Spread the Word. You can also help local nonprofits by spreading the word about the good work that they are doing and by sharing their events and newsletters across social media.  One share has the potential to go a long way!


There are many other ways to support local work and we hope that you join us in making this the year to continue to support local nonprofits.