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cultivando nuestro futuro Leadership Institute

Is this Leadership Institute for you?

The main purpose of this Leadership Institute is to provide interns with the skills needed to become effective and critically conscious community leaders. In this Institute we focus on Mexica, Indigenous, and local identity, traditions, and culture. The importance of land and water provide a framework to further understand the importance of community-based work, policy development, and the legislative process.


Key Themes

The following are the key themes that are central to our Leadership Institute:

  • Importance of Identity - Mexica, Indigenous, and Local

  • Becoming a Leader/Maseualli Model

  • History of Our People/Struggles

  • Water, Land, History, and Traditions as Central to New Mexican communities

  • Importance of Culture and Traditions

  • Quest for Justice

  • Policy Development & Legislative Process

  • Community-Based Research


What does this Institute entail?

The Institute consists of a variety of work sessions and trainings that incorporate these themes.  Participants will also develop a strategic plan (brief) focused on land and water related issues impacting the community - e.g. protection and preservation of acequias, impacts of drought, land and water rights, urban encroachment, or on other relevant topics. The strategic plan will include in depth research that spans over both semesters. The program culminates with a celebration of CESOSS Leadership Institute participants sharing their strategic plans and accomplishments throughout the year to the larger community. 


Educational Stipend Opportunity

Upon successful completion of institute requirements, each participant will have the opportunity of receiving an educational stipend each semester (minimum $300/semester). The educational stipend is intended to support participants in their studies and/or work related to their strategic plan.  


  • Interest in leadership development connected to traditional and indigenous forms of knowledge

  • Interest in issues and traditions related to land and water

  • Commitment to all forms of justice

  • Demonstrate responsibility, respect, commitment, and desire to learn from and within the community

  • Willingness to learn about and participate in the legislative sessions and local council and commission meetings

  • 2-4 hours per month assisting CESOSS in research, planning, and implementation of current projects and initiatives 



If you are interested in in this program, please send us an email

Checklist (details included on application):

  • Cover Letter (500 words or less stating your interest in applying for this institute)

  • Completed Application

  • Resume (Optional)

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