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academia de ATRISCO
youth education projects

Our organization is proud to provide learning opportunities for the youth in our community. we want to reconnect students to acequia culture and agricultural traditions. CESOSS offers several education programs dedicated to creating safe learning spaces and empowering future generations to maintain acequia and land based traditions.

Once a month, during the acequia open season, we invite all community members to celebrate the different acequias of the South Valley. With this program, we hope to reconnect families to the history and culture of acequias through dialogue with community elders and community members who actively use the acequias. CESOSS encourages all people within our community to explore the outdoors.  

acequia walk & talk series
water rights educational program (prep)

A water right is a right to water from a specific water source to be used at a specific location, for a specific beneficial purpose. Many residents of the South Valley possess water rights but are unsure how to navigate the legal system and claim those rights. Our organization can help you to claim those rights. For more information on our work with water rights, see our brochure.

Our organization partners with schools to teach students about the importance of land and water to our community. CESOSS has developed a unique curriculum called Ciclos de la Tierra: Cultivating Querencia through Mutualismo and Justice. The curriculum teaches students about local farming, gardening, and acequia maintenance practices.

ciclos de la tierra curriculum

cultivando nuestro futuro
leadership institute

Our main educational program is our Leadership Institute. The purpose of the institute is to encourage new generations of leaders to take proactive roles in the development of our communities. We work with cohorts of students to discuss and analyze the impact of legislation within our communities. Here are the things that make our institute unique:

Maseualli framework
culture tradition
policy Analysis

A large portion of our curriculum is focused on analyzing policy. We believe it is vital for our students to understand the legislative process and how it impacts their lives. For this project, we regularly partner with elected officials, academic researchers, and community elders.

restorative community justice

Students of this program are required to present their analytical reports to members of the South Valley community. These reports analyze legislative issues, impacted communities, potential consequences, and future recommendations.

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