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Our organization works alongside the South Valley Regional Association of Acequias (SVRAA), to assist in the protection of water, as well as the protest and education of water right transfers that negatively impact our community. As residents of Valle de Atrisco, or the South Valley, we strongly believe in advocating alongside our community for the preservation of traditions related to land and water.


Due to continued drought and pressure from major developments, the protection of water has become a major issue in the South Valley. We hope to engage our community in critical discussions about the local, national, and international issues that threaten our water. Our organization developed the Agua es Sagrada (Water is Sacred) Initiative to advocate for the preservation of water.


Agua es Sagrada is not a simple statement. These powerful words describe a deeply rooted philosophy, to respect Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) and water, as a sacred resource we deeply depend on. This philosophy has been passed down through generations to provide a deep understanding and practice of agriculture and acequia traditions. Through this philosophy, individuals in the community are actively empowered to resist the complete commodification of water.


Three of our programs that support the efforts of this initiative are the Academia de Atrisco, the Water Rights Education Project, and the Acequia Walk & Talks.

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