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Connecting People, Water, & Land

Our mission is to develop sustainable community-based and culturally centered events, programs, and initiatives to empower and preserve the traditions and science-based practices of local and Indigenous communities, related to land and water.

Our vision is to create sustainable, healthy, and thriving communities where traditions connected to land and water are protected, preserved, and passed onto future generations.



Somos Atrisco attests to the fact that today, 331 years after Atrisco was founded by Mexican Indians, and 175 years after the annexation of this territory from Mexico to the United States, the heirs of the Atrisco Land Grant are still here, and and have pre-1907 water rights are recipients of the constitutional rights afforded to them through the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe and the constitutional rights that protect the rights of Atrisco as an entity that predates the state and any of its agencies.

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