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Sharing Ancient Wisdom

Our organization is thrilled to collaborate with the Earth TimeKeepers, an initiative that seeks to gather spiritual leaders and prophecy keepers from across Turtle Island (North America).


Through this project, we aim to create a space for sharing ancient wisdom, cultural traditions, and prophecies related to the sacredness of water and our Earth.

Earth TimeKeepers, led by Mike Madjiwon, holds immense significance as it provides an opportunity for Indigenous leaders to come together, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on strategies for environmental stewardship.


By honoring the spiritual teachings of our ancestors, we believe we can cultivate a deeper respect for the Earth and inspire action towards its protection.


Gathering. Sharing. Amplifying. Inspiring. Building.

Gather Spiritual Leaders & Prophecy Keepers

Bring together spiritual leaders, elders, and prophecy keepers from diverse Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. Facilitate intergenerational dialogue, allowing wisdom to be shared between elders and younger generations. Create a space for spiritual leaders to connect, build relationships, and strengthen solidarity in their shared commitment to protecting the Earth.

Share Traditional Knowledge & Cultural Practices

Provide a platform for participants to share traditional knowledge, cultural practices, and oral histories related to the sacredness of water and land. Highlight the importance of ceremonial rituals, storytelling, and ancestral teachings in Indigenous cultures. Foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous worldviews, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life and the responsibility of humans as stewards of the Earth.

Amplify Prophecies & Environmental Messages

Explore prophecies and visions from various Indigenous traditions that speak to the current environmental challenges facing our planet. Discuss the significance of prophetic messages in guiding actions towards environmental conservation and sustainability. Identify common themes and shared values across different prophecies, emphasizing the urgency of collective action to protect the Earth for future generations.

Inspire Collective Action & Community Engagement

Encourage participants to translate spiritual teachings and prophecies into tangible actions within their communities. Facilitate discussions on practical strategies for environmental stewardship, including land conservation, water protection, and sustainable living practices. Empower participants to become advocates for environmental justice, fostering collaboration between Indigenous communities and allies in broader environmental movements.

Build Alliances & Partnerships

Create opportunities for networking and collaboration among participants, fostering alliances between Indigenous communities, environmental organizations, and other stakeholders. Identify potential areas for collaboration and partnership on long-term environmental initiatives. Strengthen the collective voice of Indigenous peoples in advocating for policies and practices that respect the rights of Indigenous communities and protect the Earth's sacred resources.

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